Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following terms, which concern the rights and obligations of the company to all of you visitors of the website and the online store shop.summerstores.gr :

Any natural or legal person visits the pages of the site or uses the services for purposes Abbreviation herein is referred to as “Customer”. All services that exist on the site or are to be created in the future are subject to these terms of use, while visiting the pages and / or using the services of the site presupposes the full and unconditional understanding and acceptance of the same terms.

The name of the company is:


Company Name: Summerstores

Address: Royal Mare Hotel, Anissaras, Limenas Hersonissou 70014 Heraklion

Tel: +30 28970 21773

Email: info@summerstores.gr

Tax Identification Number: 800405318, Heraklion Tax Office



Summerstores reserves the right to change the content of the website shop.summerstores.gr (hereinafter: the Website) at any time without notice.

The control of the technical information provided and the suitability of the items ordered is the sole responsibility of the customer who uses the Website (hereinafter: the Customer). Summerstores is not responsible for any incompatibility of the products with other products.

Links to other websites ( Links )

The website contains links to third party websites (links). The provision of links by Summerstores does not imply endorsement of their content. Summerstores also assumes no responsibility for the availability or content of these websites or for any damage or injury resulting from the use of such content. The links are provided for the convenience of the users. Users visit these websites at their own risk.

Customer Statements

The Customer declares that all information provided by him during the use of the Website is accurate. The Customer undertakes the obligation to cover any loss of the Online Store or partner companies from the use of this Website and its account by persons not authorized by him.


Summerstores shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, positive or negative damage that may result from the inability to use the Website, as well as any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Website or transmission via this information on the internet.

Incorrect price or product features

The company is not responsible for any technical, typographical or spelling errors in the prices or features of the products. In case a product has an unusually low price, without any special indication justifying it, please contact us before ordering the product.
Order registration and product availability

The registration of an order does not imply an automatic freezing of the stock.
In cases of low inventory, shop.summerstores.gr reserves the right not to execute any order or part of it, if the availability in relation to demand proves insufficient. In this case an update will be provided. The final confirmation of availability is made during the processing of the order and the collection of the products. 


Summerstores is the sole and exclusive owner of all copyrights of the content and structure of the Website shop.summerstores.gr without explicit exceptions. Any information (text, images, graphics) contained in shop.summerstores.gr can only be used for personal, non-commercial use. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify in any way, part or all of the contents of shop.summerstores.gr without the prior written consent of the owner company.

Summerstores disclaims any responsibility for any damage that occurs immediately or indirectly, accidentally or consequently, or in any way related to the access or use of shop.summerstores.gr , including, but not limited to, any loss or damage caused from viruses that may affect your equipment (PC) or the validity of the information obtained through shop.summerstores.gr

Electronic order filing

Your orders are archived electronically and you can, if you wish, be aware of the content of your order. 

The use of the Website is the sole responsibility of the visitor – customer. We are not responsible for the malicious intervention of third parties. The visitors of the Website undertake that they will not harm third parties by malicious use of the Website and that they will not violate their personal data. The visit to the Website presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the above terms.

E ektronikis Dispute Resolution (Online Dispute Resolution – ODR) t th European Commission.

Electronic Dispute Resolution – Complaints


Summerstores, perceives the quality of services and the satisfaction of its customers, as the only way to development and for this reason focuses on the continuous improvement of its operation and the services provided.
Complaints and suggestions from customers give the company valuable information because they are the basis for the continuous improvement of our customer service processes.

Electronic Dispute Resolution

Summerstores accepts and adopts the Directive 2013/11 / EC of the European Parliament, which is implemented in Greece with the ministerial decision 70330/2015 for the alternative settlement of consumer disputes and participates in the relevant process. For more information visit the platform  El Online Dispute Resolution – ODR th European Commission.

For Greece the competent institution is the Independent Authority ” Council nigoros Consumer”


The Courts of Athens are appointed competent for every dispute. The contract is governed by Greek law.

Warranties-Service (Mechanical-Electronic products)

Each product is accompanied by a  “Commercial Guarantee” of  good operation which is offered by the manufacturer, covered according to the specifications set by the manufacturer.

Your legal rights deriving from the LEGAL GUARANTEE the provisions on the sale of consumer goods and guarantees of the Civil Code (such as the right of correction or replacement – unless such an action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs – the right to reduce the price, the right to reduce the price, from the contract -unless it is an insignificant real defect- due to a real defect or lack of agreed capacity, for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery), of art. 5 of Law 2251/1994 (such as the right of the consumer to request a temporary replacement of the product, in case the required repair time for the product under warranty exceeds 15 working days), as well as any other provisions on consumer protection, are not affected in any way by the commercial guarantee offered by the manufacturer of the product in question. shop.summerstores.gr has the full responsibility and undertakes all the commitments provided by law and its provisions regarding your rights as a consumer.

For information about the commercial warranty of the product you bought from shop.summerstores.gr, refer to the product packaging. Shipments to and from repair centers are always made at your own expense and expense, unless a special procedure is provided by the manufacturer.